Obsolete: Fiori Apps Activation & Development

Increase productivity and reduce errors

Enhanced, Personalized, and Simplified User Experience (UX)

What is SAP Fiori?

What are the benefits?

Our approach

Installation and Configuration

  • Install and configure front and back-end components including Central UI and Fiori Launchpad


  • Connect to back-end data source, testing, and enabling standard apps


  • Create new Fiori apps (transactional, fact sheets, and analytical) using HTML5 and UI5 technologies


  • Train end user community how to access and utilize Fiori

Project Management

  • Overall management of the project from end to end

Let Us Help with Your Digital Transformation

We have expertise in Fiori and mobile web development. We can help you assess and determine which areas are the best candidates for Fiori and then quickly bring those to life. 

D4M Experts Are Certified In S/4HANA