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Automotive digital transformation journey

Powered by industrial IoT and predictive analytics

Greater efficiency

Driving toward greater productivity and improved efficiency, manufacturers embrace digital transformation by leveraging AI and Big Data that’s smart

Smart production

Founded on LEAN principles, the backbone of smart production joins interactions of the real and virtual world. 

Bottom-line impact

This interconnection of “things” is leading the way to a truly transparent manufacturing environment in the Smart Factory, translating into bottom-line results for your business.

What to expect

  • Principles of digital transformation, Industry 4.0, and Industrial IoT
  • Leveraging AI technologies focused on asset health and diagnostics
    • Quality implications
    • Productivity improvements
    • Maintenance schedule optimization
    • Significant gains in overall uptime and equipment effectiveness (“OEE”)
  • Case studies
    • Business benefits
    •  ROI


March 12, 2020 – 1-2PM EST


Raj Krish

Director, Global SAP Practice

Raj Krish

Prabu Natarajan

Director, Global Delmia Practice

Prabu Natarajan

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