Agile manufacturers strive to meet the diversity of global customer demand while increasing efficiency and eliminating idle inventory. Best-in-class manufacturers will strive to achieve Build-to-Order (BTO) production capabilities to address the proliferation of models and options required to support mass customization. This strategy relies on a demand-driven product supply network, where materials, components, and assemblies are “pulled” into production as needed on a sequenced, Just-In-Time basis.

Customer demand may be signaled or “pulled” with timeframes measured in minutes, requiring suppliers to operate at the highest level of agility and responsiveness. DELMIA Apriso Just-In-Sequence provides real-time visibility and control of complex sequencing activities across sourcing, fabrication, sub-assembly, production, and shipping. DELMIA Apriso Just-In-Sequence synchronizes customer “pull” signals, material allocation and replenishment, sub- and final-assembly operations, and finished goods distribution across your extended product supply network. This coordination is accomplished while comprehensive part-and-process traceability is maintained and customer specific error-proofing processes are enabled and enforced.

Manufacturers can quickly recognize dramatic benefits from DELMIA Apriso Just-In-Sequence by eliminating costly performance penalties through higher On Time Delivery (OTD) scores while decreasing scrap and rework, increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through higher plant resource utilization.


What separates DELMIA Apriso from the competition is its unique enterprise architecture. Built from a vision of a complete integrated manufacturing process, DELMIA Apriso Just-In-Sequence leverages a unified data model and embedded business processes inherent in DELMIA Apriso. These processes span production, warehouse, quality, maintenance, and other operations. Together, this highly responsive set of DELMIA Apriso Just-In-Sequence processes can receive, pick, assemble, manufacture, and ship to sequence.

As demand signals change, DELMIA Apriso Just-In-Sequence can seamlessly adjust your production and synchronize your raw material shipments to meet actual customer demand without waste. The highly synchronized system performs each adjustment automatically, as often as needed.


• Eliminates idle raw materials, Work-in-Process (WIP), and finished goods inventory buffers to increase cash flow
• Reduces floor space and cycle times to optimize plant efficiency and improve return on assets
• Synchronizes internal manufacturing operations with external suppliers and customers to maximize On Time Delivery (OTD), achieve critical customer KPIs, and avoid costly penalties
• Become demand driven by building to order to increase customer satisfaction and accelerate accounts receivable collections
• Improves overall product and process quality within highly complex manufacturing environments
• Supports greater product customization while simplifying production processes for improved customer satisfaction


Production or final assembly sequencing cannot be performed in isolation. Processes must be shared internally across departments as well as externally between suppliers, customers, and sub-contractors. Often, advance notice for sequenced production requirements is only a few hours, creating enormous pressure for perfect operations execution.

Few will argue the benefits of eliminating excess inventory or performing sequenced, Just-In-Time production—the challenge is execution. By establishing a direct link between production processes and the product supply network, it is possible to issue and later change supplier orders to the specific sequence required. Effectively manage a highly diverse product mix while achieving Lean initiatives and remaining agile to unexpected changes, disruptions, or other unplanned events.


DELMIA Apriso Just-In-Sequence is a key component of DELMIA’s broader DELMIA Apriso solution for manufacturing operations management. With DELMIA Apriso, you can manage production, quality, warehouse, maintenance, and labor processes to achieve visibility into, control over, and synchronization across global manufacturing operations.

Built with a native Business Process Management (BPM) framework that incorporates a unified data model, DELMIA Apriso applications enable continuous improvement and rapid response to market changes.

DELMIA Apriso delivers a global view of manufacturing operations by utilizing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to ease integration with enterprise applications, such as ERP and PLM, while interfacing with the shop floor and automation equipment.


• Send, receive, and interpret sequenced orders from ERP, APS, or Scheduling Systems using electronic customer broadcast or industry formats such as JITCALL (Odette) or EDI 866 (AIAG) across subassembly lines
• Communicate sequence information to suppliers (broadcast out)
• Overwrite sequences manually, as needed
• Achieve real-time visibility and control of order status across all sequenced operations
• Direct work instructions for all shop floor workers through receiving, manufacturing, assembly, and shipping activities
• Accomplish reverse racking, reverse loading, and other periodic sequencing reversals automatically
• Manage exceptions, including empty slots and reprocessing of items
• Perform user-definable rack configurations

For more information on D4M International Delmia Apriso services please contact:

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