This is the era of Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing / Factories of Future and Big Data is the heart of this revolution. Dassault’s Apriso Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) offering more than adequately meets the four criteria for Big Data defined by BITKOM. BITKOM is Germany’s digital association, founded in the year 1999 and representing more than 2,600 companies of the digital economy.

Manufacturing companies using Apriso MOM are accumulating more and more data with the objective of gathering detailed information about the shop floor activities and process values. Industries like Automotive, Food & Beverage, Medical to name a few rely heavily on traceability, the accuracy of data, genealogy, frequent new product introductions.

Apriso MOM delivers smart and real-time data

In the Shopfloor new data collection structures are necessary to simplify the handling of the huge amounts of data. Apriso MOM has the ability to condense big data into smaller chunks of smart data. Apriso MOM provides the capability to have the best synchronization of manufacturing processes by storing any activity performed in the shopfloor. This requires an innovative approach to the configuration, design, management of transactional and master data management.

The captured smart data helps humans to draw the correct conclusions and take appropriate actions and where necessary, immediate action.

Visibility and transparency of precise real-time data from the production processes help to provide reliable recommendations for future improvements, for better decision making and forecasting, thereby providing Cost optimization, higher ROI, reduced Downtime, reduced inventory costs, increased OEE, reduction in rejections, visibility and transparency for better decision making and forecasting.

Introducing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) alone has little impact on plant performance. Results happen when OEE is managed, not just measured. Results happen when people take action and respond in real-time.

Display of machine downtimes planned and unplanned gives visibility at every plant level but not at a corporate level. The scrap rates of a product line across multiple plants can be analyzed in a much more meaningful and analytical method if the data was available across the various levels of the enterprise.

DELMIA Apriso Plant MPI

Plants can perform sophisticated analytics and reporting using data collected from Apriso modules – Machine, Production, Time & Labor, Quality, Maintenance, Logistics, and Warehouse. This out-of-the-box pre-configured solution can be readily justified for use at a local plant. However, such data analytics are only available for local plant users, which makes it difficult for top management to analyze or compare performance across multiple manufacturing sites. The MPI solution can only use data stored in Apriso.

Power BI for our customer –With proven, impressive capabilities and ever-growing set of tools, Power BI provides real, compelling, and actionable insights from data, using dashboard-style reports. An enormous quantity of transactional data can be transformed into meaningful information by utilizing perceptive visualizations and tables.

Power BI has various benefits that have helped our customers to make agile decisions using business intelligence data.

Advantages of Power BI

  1. Harmonize seamlessly with active applications-
    By allowing Power BI to integrate with the business realm, enhancement of analytics and reporting capabilities are achieved seamlessly.
  2. Custom Visualizations of dashboards:
    The crowning element of Power BI is the information dashboards, which can be personalized to meet the exact need of every business. To provide integrated user experience, the dashboards and BI reports can be easily rooted in the application. This generates a centralized, easy-to-digest dashboard.
  3. Data Connectivity:
    Another major advantage is the capability of Power BI to consolidate coming from multiple data sources. Power BI is not exclusive to Microsoft software-based systems. It is compatible and extracts data from many other popular sources like ERP systems like SAP, Oracle to name a few, SQL, Excel, etc.
  4. Enterprise-wide users can access the Power BI reports across multiple platforms and mobile devices.
  5. Drill-down functionality that provides granular data to the lowest level.
  6. Fast and Easy implementation for quick ROI:
    Implementations of Power BI do not need extensive skills in the engineering or IT field. With minimal hands-on training, anybody with a technical background can successfully design, develop, and implement various reports and dashboard views using the available data.

Examples of Data/screens from Power BI implementation using Apriso MOM data

Example of APS data showing OEE, Scrap, Pareto Scrap rate, Rework, Machine Downtime, Changeover data

Example of Machine Downtime – Details

Example of Quality Inspection Data


Traditionally, manufacturers were dependent mostly on descriptive data, which had limitations. Today, when the manufacturing industry has witnessed an eruption of innovation and is pursuing Digitization of the shopfloor, combining Power BI with MOM data has helped manufacturers to be agile using predictive and prescriptive analytics. The prospects to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and visibility are unbounded when manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems feed the data to a BI system that can combine structured and unstructured data.

Harvesting MOM data with Power BI makes the customer be less concerned about cumbersome data. The customer has the best visibility to various levels of granular data in order to make the best business decisions for improving sales revenues, monitoring and improving manufacturing performance, quality improvements, reduction in scraps, improvement of machine uptime, to name a few of the benefits that enable them to meet and exceed corporate enterprise goals.

——- A blog based on actual implementation experience by Prabu Natarajan & Kumari Trinavee

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