Optimizing the Nerve Center of Manufacturing Operations with Intelligent Planning & Scheduling

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The manufacturing industry is at the cusp of pervasive and disruptive change, driven by Industry 4.0, smart supply chains, and flexible manufacturing. The goal is to achieve faster time-to-market, with faster product rollouts, extreme product customization, and enhanced customer experience.

We consider Intelligent Planning & Scheduling as a core business process and the central nervous system of manufacturing operations that drives both operational and business performance.

A ‘must-have’ for the next wave of smart manufacturing, our offering includes the following competencies:

  • The ability to merge Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 trends with rapid deployment and higher ROI
  • Robust, scalable, and proven capabilities across various segments of the manufacturing industry
  • Wide global reach as well as specialized and advanced expertise across business, functional, and technical function

Built on top of the best-in-class industry software DELMIA Ortems, the solution combines the software’s strengths with our proven methodology and deployment experience to create solutions that help manufacturers optimize plant performance in a dynamic, responsive, and collaborative environment. This robust solution set drives process synchronization to improve productivity and production changeover in order to meet customer expectations, in addition to compressing lead time to reduce working capital, work in process (WIP), and finished goods inventory.

The approach to solution development and deployment has to be based on the promise of delivering rapid ROI and quantifiable performance optimization. In partnership with Dassault Systèmes,  we have refined a methodology and approach which is business-driven. We focus/organize our deployment around well-defined benefit targets, and offer best-in-class practices and expertise, including:

  • Thought leadership to optimize the customer value
  • Strong industry and domain knowledge to bind quickly into the customer context.
  • Value-based and business problem-solving approach — we solve problems rather than implementing functions
  • Accelerated deployment methodology to ensure rapid ROI and
  • Scalable capabilities for multi-site deployment to ensure end-to-end consistent and rapid transformation across a company’s manufacturing plants and supply chain.

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D4M International is an IT consulting company focused on transforming manufacturing and operations for optimal performance with SAP and DELMIA. 

We have expertise to help our clients assess, deploy, and maintain key solutions, driving productivity that impacts the bottom line. 

Leaders in Automotive, with expertise in other industries with advanced manufacturing, we operate in North and South America as well as Europe, enabling us to support our clients globally.

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