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D4M International, a division of D4M Consulting, one of the largest Canadian-owned IT consulting companies, is proud to announce its ongoing sponsorship commitment to Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME). The sponsorship is part of D4M International’s dedication to the manufacturing industry in Canada and in key markets around the world.

D4M International was pleased to be a sponsor at two key events in 2018. D4M International was a lead sponsor at the CME’s Annual General Meeting and 2018 Manufacturing Conference in Ottawa, Ontario. The conference brought together 150 manufacturing executives and government leaders to raise awareness of the importance of manufacturing in Canada. D4M’s team was also a key sponsor at the Queen’s Park Reception in Toronto, Ontario in December 2018. The reception provided networking with the provinces’ key decision makers, senior CME staff and members at CME Ontario’s.

Jean-Yves Durocher, Executive VP with D4M International explains, “The manufacturing industry is one of Canada’s most important economic sectors, employing 1.7 million people in a wide range of industries across the country. A strong manufacturing industry requires skilled workers to grow, innovate, and be globally competitive. We are proud to sponsor CME to accelerate success for manufacturers through events and other B2B networking opportunities.”

D4M International is a recognized partner of CME’s Capital Investment and Technology Adoption Report that will be released in Fall 2019. The report is written by well-known economists on the manufacturing industry. The extensive report is issued every 2 years and provides valuable information on the general status of the manufacturing industry in Canada.

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