Applications have become an integral part of almost everything we do: how we communicate, work, shop and entertain. Applications run on a variety of devices and operating systems from smartphones, tablets to desktop computers and even home appliances, they run in the cloud and on IoT enabled devices.
In addition to having an impact on consumers, applications are also key to how major industries (financial, manufacturing, automotive, medical etc…) are managing their internal and consumer-facing operations.
So, yes: applications are everywhere and sometimes require a significant amount of effort to be developed, run and properly maintained.

What is AMS?

AMS is a set of Application Management Services offered by service providers to provide on-going management and support of target application(s). AMS services allow internal IT organizations to focus on key strategic initiatives while outsourcing software maintenance related tasks, such as requests for change, performance monitoring, and management, optimization, platform changes, etc…
Even though in many cases custom-developed legacy applications are being targeted for AMS services, number of organizations successfully implemented AMS for systems like customer relationship management (CRM), content management (CMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI) and others.

Does your company need Application Management Services (AMS)?

Imagine this scenario: your internal IT organization is fully engaged in strategic, Digital Transformation initiative that is critical to your future business growth. At the same time, the pressure is building up to address the growing backlog of application maintenance related tasks for the legacy application that is critical to your existing customers. Your business depends on these enhancement requests in order to maintain customer satisfaction.
Does this sound familiar? If so, your organization may need to consider AMS from one of the service providers.

What are the key benefits of AMS?

There are several reasons as to why organizations implement AMS:

  • Increased efficiency:
    By outsourcing daily application management and maintenance tasks, organizations can focus their internal IT resources on strategic initiatives. This is especially critical while companies take on initiatives related to digital transformation or implementation of new technologies.
  • Increased client satisfaction :
    With an uninterrupted focus of AMS providers on application maintenance tasks, delivery of software enhancements and software defect resolutions can be completed on schedule and will help to manage customer expectations.
  • Enhanced platform stability:
    With mature and repeatable AMS, processes that are based on industry best practices, higher quality of development work and simplified systems integration can be achieved, resulting in lower software defects with higher platform stability.
  • Optimized cost of ownership:
    Well-structured and customer-focused Application Management Services help organizations achieve more predicable application release delivery timelines, software development resource allocations and as a result, more predictable cost of ownership for application enhancements or maintenance tasks.
    By engaging AMS service providers, companies can avoid constant reprioritization of software development activities between new platform implementation and maintenance of legacy systems managed by internal IT teams.

Why AMS from D4M International?

D4M International has a proven record of successful AMS engagements ranging from resource augmentation (where D4M developers become an extension of client’s development teams), to fully managed AMS services.
Our services encourage client collaboration to achieve digital products that perform. As those products need to evolve to support changes in end-user behavior, function and workplace environments, we focus on:

  • Performance Optimization
  • Feature Enhancements
  • Quality Assurance
  • Defect Resolution
  • Delivering on time and on budget

For more information on D4M International AMS services please contact:

Thomas Luszawski
Head of Digital Product Design and Development
Email: thomas.luszawski@r3d.com
Phone: 416 697 1117

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