What is a Hyperscaler? A Brief Overview

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses manage their IT infrastructure, offering flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Over the years, cloud computing has gained popularity, with companies increasingly opting for cloud solutions rather than in-house systems. In this conversation between D4M and Raj, they explore the concept of Hyperscalers and their role in hosting solutions like SAP S4 HANA. 

Jean: What exactly is a hyperscaler?

Raj: A hyperscaler refers to how you can actually use their AWS model to host your solution. SAP S/4HANA has been hosted and it is administered by AWS. AWS is Amazon Web Services. 

Raj: There is a fee for that service, but you don’t need to do anything in-house. Everything is
done on AWS and Hyperscaler is a term used for any cloud hosting company.

Jean: Is cloud becoming more popular with SAP rollouts? Because I’ve heard for a couple of
years that people don’t like to mess around with production and like to keep it
in-house. Is that still a thing or is the technology starting to improve more
and more as the years go on?

Raj: Yes, like every technology, cloud computing is also becoming more and more popular. For many
years, a lot of companies were even hesitant to go on cloud. Basically, they
always wanted to keep everything in-house. But now as the years passed by, all
these different cloud computing solutions are becoming more and more popular.

Raj: The on-premise solution is slowly being changed into a cloud solution. Any system that they
are looking at now, they’re looking at a Hyperscaler to see if they’re able to
host it for them.

Jean: And again, in layman terms – Hyperscaler, is that supposed to signify something very
specific? A new generation of tech maybe?

Raj: Hyperscaler is a term used for companies that are hosting systems. They are basically providers
for hosting, not only SAP, but other solutions too.

Raj: And there are different companies for example Amazon is one, Google cloud is another one. Even
Alibaba, Microsoft Azure. So there are different hosting providers and they’re all called Hyperscalers. And like every other company, there are always pros and cons going with one over the other.

Raj: One of our clients, Volkswagen Truck and Bus Company, decided to use AWS.

Jean: They decided to use it with the S4 rollout. So they didn’t have a hyperscaler before?

Raj: That is correct. They did not have it before and they wanted to try that AWS hosting along with
this S/4HANA. So this being a pilot project or the proof of concept, it not only proved that S4 HANA is the right solution for them, it also proved to them that they can do a hosting on with the help of a hyperscaler.

Raj: So they really don’t have to have everything done in-house. It can be done on a cloud. And it
became a very successful project and using this technology. Now they are going
into other locations like Brazil and Germany.

Jean: That’s fantastic. And just out of curiosity it was this one of D4M’s first cloud-based

Raj: Thas was one of the first ones. And we were extremely successful in that and the client is very
happy about it.

Jean: And have you used this new cloud-based experience on other projects as well?


Raj: Yes, we have used it in other projects and all the projects that I can think of, everything
has gone through successfully. 

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